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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 25, 2015, 2:38 PM
Sorry, I did something incredibly stupid today and I just need to vent. A few days ago I bought a 3DS XL (second hand mind.) and decided to system transfer my stuff from my standard New 3DS. I thought It would work the same way as when I transferred everything from my "old"3DS which went off without a hitch. But apparently this time round it didn't transfer my save data. So even though I was able to re download my digital games. The save files have been wiped! My Pokemon Art Academy drawings and DLC GONE!!! :'( (I'm so bummed I couldn't bring myself to redownload the game. Luckily I only purchase digital copys if I ABSOLUTELY have to. So the only other major loss was my save file for Ace Attorney Duel Destinies. (Which means I lost the extra episode too. CRUD!) Oh well, "Live and Learn." I'll be sure to be EXTRA careful next time.

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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2015, 8:36 AM
css by: whispwill

kingdom hearts css

free use kh css for all of you who voted for it ;3
please keep my credit!

It's my birthday today. Didn't do much just a nice chill day at home for the most part. Got into Sword Art Online (SAO) recently so that's a thing. XD

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Chapter 6.

I do not own TOME or it's characters.

When they reached their destination. Flamegirl practically flew off the bus. Alpha was quick to follow, not wanting to be left behind.

“Phew.” sighed Flamegirl. “We're here.”

“Don't you like the bus?” asked Alpha curiously.

Flamegirl tried to smile.

“Not really, but it's no big deal. Come on.”

The duo still got some questionable looks from passer-bys, but the shop owners here were a bit less picky than the ones back home. They don't look like they enjoy serving hybrids, but Flamegirl figured that they thought the money they'll make is worth it. They went to to a supermarket first to get a bit more food. Now that Alpha was living with her, there wasn't really enough food to last them a month. Luckily, Kirbopher was as good as his word and was using about half of his expenses to help her out. After buying what they needed. They went into the mall and had a nose around in the music shop. Flamegirl saw Alpha eyeing a Gorillaz poster so she decided to buy that for his room. They also went to a clothes shop and bought Alpha some extra clothes like PJs.

A bit later Flamegirl bought a pretzel for Alpha and herself. While they were walking down the street on the way to the nearest bus stop so they could head home Alpha stopped dead. Flamegirl glanced at him confused.

“What's wrong?”

Alpha was staring at an old house nearby. It looked like it had seen better days. There was overgrown grass and weeds almost completely covering the building. Obviously this house had been abandoned for a long time. Alpha dropped his half-eaten pretzel and dashed towards the house.

“Hey wait!” cried Flamegirl.

Alpha stopped in front of the house and started shaking slightly. Flamegirl caught up to him.

“Are you okay?” she asked with concern.

Alpha looked at Flamegirl then back at house.

“I.....I used to live here.”

Flamegirl covered her mouth in shock. This was Alpha's...home. She was impressed that he even recognised it. Surely it was nowhere near this unkempt when he was living here. Alpha walked up to the front door and jiggled the handle. Surprisingly it was unlocked. Flamegirl was about to tell Alpha that they shouldn't break in, but since this place seemed to have been forgotten about, she figured it didn't matter too much. As long as they didn't stay long they shouldn't attract unwanted attention.

Flamegirl followed Alpha inside. It was VERY dusty. There a short hallway with two doors. One leading to the kitchen and the other leading to the living room. Alpha went into the living room. There was a sofa, a TV and a Coffee table. Fairly typical. Flamegirl decided to head upstairs. There were three rooms. One of them being the bathroom. Flamegirl stopped cold at the other door. There was a piece of paper on the door that had something written on it. The words made Flamegirl's heart skip a beat.

“Michael's Room.”

Michael? That's your name? Thought Flamegirl feeling quite dumbfounded. Without thinking she opened the door and looked inside. It was a typical boy's bedroom. There was a bed in the far corner of the room. The Monsters Inc. duvet was sprawled untidily across it. At the foot of the bed was a Piplup plushie.

“Awwww.” cooed Flamegirl as she picked it up. It was a bit dusty from having not been moved for years, but otherwise no worse for wear. On the other side of the room was a desk; for homework obviously, and what appeared to be markings to keep track of Alpha's hight.

Wow, I didn't think anyone did that anymore. She thought with amusement. Flamegirl then sighed sadly. By the looks of things, Alpha (Or Michael...) had a pretty decent life before the “incident”

“It's not fair.” she said sadly. “His childhood was snatched away from him. Just like that.”

Flamegirl decided to leave the room before she burst into tears. She decided to take the Piplup plushie with her. Maybe Alpha would like to keep it. As she left Alpha's old room she heard a whimpering sound from the room across from her. Flamegirl looked inside. She saw Alpha sitting on a queen size bed holding what appeared to be a photo. Flamegirl slowly walked towards him and gasped when she recognised the young women in the photo, who was holding a small boy in her arms. Alpha was trembling gripping onto the photo and sobbing lightly. Flamegirl sat down next to the teen and put her arm around him.

“I....I miss her.” sobbed Alpha.

“I know.” soothed Flamegirl.

Alpha leaned into Flamegirl and wept on her shoulder. Flamegirl just rubbed his arm comfortingly.

“There.....there was a loud bang, and....she fell down. I.....I couldn't wake her up.”

“It wasn't your fault.” said Flamegirl. “You did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Flamegirl then picked up the Piplup plushie and handed it to Alpha.

“I found this little guy.”

Alpha clutched the plushie as more tears fell.


Alpha hugged the plushie tightly. Flamegirl smiled sadly.
“Do you want to take him with you? You don't have to if it's too painful.”

Alpha looked up at Flamegirl and nodded. Flamegirl nodded in understanding then stood up.

“Come on...Alpha, we should go before someone finds us in here.”

Flamegirl wanted to use Alpha's real name but decided against it for now.

He'll tell me when he's ready. She thought to herself.

Alpha stood up and followed Flamegirl, clutching Pipling and the photo in his hands. They were able to leave the house without incident and continued there way to the bus stop.

They were now waiting for the bus. It had been a tiring day and Flamegirl was looking forward to getting home, but after a while she was starting to feel uneasy and unfortunately for her, Alpha noticed.

“Are you scared?” he asked.

Flamegirl was startled by this question but did her best not to show it.

“ I'm fine, really.” she stuttered.

Alpha gave her a look then did something unexpected. He took her hand and squeezed it comfortingly. Like she often did for him when he was scared. Flamegirl was surprised and oddly comforted. She actually So she ended up telling Alpha about the  “Egg Incident” Alpha looked nervous but also sympathetic.

Finally the bus came and they both got on. They sat in the back once again and Alpha seemed to be keeping a watchful eye on the other passengers which actually made Flamegirl feel a bit touched. Alpha had fallen asleep after awhile and Flamegirl had to wake him once they reached their stop, inwardly relieved that he didn't have one of those nightmares. That wouldn't have been easy to explain.

They walked back to the apartment and went inside Flamegirl put the bags down and went into the kitchen.

“Would you like something to drink Alpha?” she asked.

Alpha was sitting on the sofa holding Pipling in his arms. He looked up after hearing Flamegirl.

“Erm, apple juice please.”  

Then Kirbopher came in from the hallway.

“Wow, now that's timing. We just finished.”

Flamegirl let out a laugh.

“Really?” then she glanced at Alpha and asked nervously.

“Are they still here?”

“Nope, just left.” answered Kirbopher. “Really the only reason they agreed to this was because they owed me a favour. Doubt they would've bothered otherwise.”

Flamegirl could see that Alpha was rather confused so she walked up to him.

“We have a surprise for you Alpha, come and see.” She took his hand and led him to the hallway.

“Hehe, nice penguin dude” sniggered Kirbopher as he followed. Flamegirl just gave him a sideways glare then continued on. She would've covered Alpha's eyes and led him to the surprise like they often did in movies, but thought that it might freak Alpha out so she decided against it. They reached the room Alpha slept in then Flamegirl gave him a smile.

“If you're going to be staying here, then you're  going to need a proper bedroom.” She opened the door and watched as Alpha's eyes widen at what used to be an empty room. There was a proper bed with proper sheets. The wall was painted red and there was a blue carpet. There was a chest of drawers and a wardrobe for his clothes at the end of the room. There was an old TV in one corner of the room with the Gamecube Kirbopher gave earlier sitting next to it. There was also a handful of games in a small bookcase  which the TV and Gamecube sat on top of.

Flamegirl watched Alpha as he slowly walked into his new room and appeared to be taking in his surroundings.

“This is the main reason why I wanted to bring you along.” said Flamegirl. “Needed to get you out of the way so that Kirb can work his magic.

Kirbopher let out a short chuckle.

“Hey, can't have you just sleeping on a mattress, right?”

Alpha turned towards them. He began shaking then galloped towards them and wrapped them both into a huge hug.

“Th....thank you.” he whimpered trying in vain to keep his tears from falling. “Thank you much. I....I'll never be ….able to....repay you for  this.”

“I'll...settle for being able to breathe again thanks.” winced Kirbopher as the poor half imp was being crushed under Alpha's hug. Alpha immediately let go.

“Sorry! I'm sorry!” he cried in a panic.

“And also, stop apologising, as if you just been caught doing something illegal.” laughed Kirbopher once he got his breath back.

“Sorry.” said Alpha still with panic in his voice but more subdued this time.

Kirbopher face-palmed but let the matter drop.

“Well, I better head back before Her Highness wrecks my place. See you two tomorrow.” Flamegirl waved goodbye then looked back at Alpha, who was sitting on his new bed and putting the photo he took from his old home on his night stand. She walked up to the hybrid and sat next to him.
“I'm glad you like it.” She said with a smile.

Alpha looked back at Flamegirl and once again did something unexpected. He smiled. A genuine smile! Flamegirl had to keep herself from glomping him in delight.

“Hey you never finished your apple juice did you? Let's go.” They both got up and left the room.

“I think I'll just make something simple for  dinner tonight. I'm exhausted.” yawned Flamegirl. “You like beans on toast?”

Alpha looked thoughtful.

“I....I don't remember.” he said. “But I'll try it.”

An Angel's Tears Part 6
Here's chapter 6! Lots of fluff in this one! ^^
Phew! Finally that cheeky blue locomotive is leaving me alone long enough for me to write chapter 5!

I do not own TOME or it's characters.

“Ouch! Alright, alright cool your tail, Miss High and Mighty!”

Kirbopher had almost dropped the bag of cat food when his cat scratched his foot trying to be noticed. She was obviously very hungry. Kirbopher tipped some kibbles into her bowl and placed it on the ground.

“Here you go, Your Majesty.” he grumbled sarcastically, then left the cat to her meal and went to the  living room. He put his shoes on and picked up a bag from the corner of the room.

“Oh man, he's gonna love this.”

It's been three days now since now since Flamegirl found Alpha in the ally that rainy evening, and things were progressing...well kinda slow. That's to be expected though. This wasn't gonna be an overnight fix. Especially after what that poor guy must've gone through all these years. It was probably gonna take weeks, months, even years to sort out. Heck Alpha may NEVER get over it.

After what he went through he deserves something that will make him smile. Kirbopher thought to himself as he left his apartment and went down one flight stairs to Flamegirl's apartment. He knocked on the door and waited. The door opened revealing Flamegirl still in her dressing gown.

“Oh hey Kirb,  you're early.”

Kirbopher shrugged.

“I did say I'll come back early didn't I?”

“Yes, but I didn't think it would be THIS early.” said Flamegirl. “I'm actually glad you're here though. Could you watch Alpha while I take a shower?”

“Sure. How is he anyway?” asked Kirbopher.

“Still a bit nervous. Said Flamegirl sadly. Then whispered;

“You should've seen him when he spilled some hot chocolate yesterday after you left. He looked like I was gonna murder him.”

Kirbopher let out a low whistle.

“Wow, that bad huh?”

“Yeah, forget nervous, that poor boy is utterly traumatized.” said Flamegirl.

“I can't say I blame him.” said Kirb sadly as Flamegirl invited him in. “I mean just seeing your own mother die right in front of you, would really mess you up.”

Kirbopher and Flamegirl walked into the living room and see Alpha sitting on the sofa.

“Hey dude, how's it going?”

Alpha just looked at the floor nervously. Flamegirl walked up to him.

“I'll be right back okay?” she said kindly then left the room.

Kirbopher and Alpha were now alone.

Kirbopher shuffled his feet awkwardly.

“ settling in okay?” he asked hoping against hope that it would spark a conversation, but Alpha merely shrugged. “Okaaay, erm, hey I got you something. I never use it anymore so I thought maybe you'd like it.”

Kirbopher put the bag down and pulled out a black slightly battered Nintendo Gamecube.

“I'd have gotten you something more recent, but sadly with our income we can't ever hope to afford it.” said Kirbopher, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

Alpha's eyes seemed to sparkle briefly as he gazed at the games console. This had to me the first time he laid eyes on one of these puppies in years! He stood and cautiously walked up to the machine and looked like he was about to touch it but then moved his hand away.

“Dude, it's not gonna bite you.” laughed Kirbopher.  “Here, I'll show you how to set it up.”

Soon enough Kirbopher got the Gamecube hooked up to the TV and was now starting up Super Smash Bros. Melee. After showing Alpha the basics and letting him get used to the controls they started some VS matches. Kirbopher was shocked to find that despite the fact that Alpha was very new to this, he just couldn't seem to win against him.

“How the hell are you so good at this?!” he cried. Then when Alpha won once again he banged his head against his controller. “Oh god, I've created a monster.”

“I...I'm sorry.” whimpered  Alpha.

Kirbopher looked confused at first but then face-palmed.

Aw crap, I said the wrong thing didn't I?“Don't apologise, buddy. You did nothing wrong. Just forget I said anything, okay?”

Alpha seemed a little confused but he nodded and they continued with their game until Flamegirl came back in.

“Wow, Kirb where did you dig up this old fossil?” she asked staring at the Gamecube in amazement.

“I had it since I left the orphanage.” said Kirbopher with a smirk. “They said I could take one thing with me and since the other kids rarely used this thing anymore, well...”

“I see.” laughed Flamegirl. “So that's where it went. Hey Kirb could I talk to you for a moment?”
“Err, sure. Hey Alpha have a cruise on Classic Mode for a bit. I'll be back”

Kirbopher followed Flamegirl into the Kitchen.

“So, what do you want to talk about.”

Flamegirl sighed and folded her arms.

“You once told me that you had some connections with other people?”

“You make it sound like I live a double life or something.” laughed Kirbopher. “Joking aside, what about it?”

                                                                       - - - - - - - - - - -

Flamegirl was dashing about trying to get ready. It has been a tough week. Alpha was still having nightmares almost every night. She sighed remembering how his screams would wake her at about two or three in the morning and she would have to sit with him until he eventually went back to sleep. It had now gotten to the point where he was scared to go to sleep and no amount of reassurance seemed to ease him. Flamegirl's sleep pattern was pretty disrupted now, but she didn't blame Alpha. He couldn't help it. All she can do for now was be supportive, and hopefully the nightmares will decrease over time.

Right now though, Flamegirl was focusing on something else. She was going to take Alpha out for awhile. His feet had healed well, so she had him try on his new high tops so that he could break them in. This was going to be the first time Alpha left the apartment since he arrived and it was already looking like an impossible task.

“I...I don't want to.” Whimpered Alpha.

Flamegirl sighed sadly. She wished she could let him stay inside a bit longer but who knows when Kirbopher would be able to make another arrangement.

“I know, but we don't really have a choice right now. Some people are coming to....arrange something, and we're only going to be in the way. Flamegirl held Alpha's hand comfortingly. “I promise, nothing is going to happen to you. Just stay close to me and you'll be fine.”

Alpha hid his head under his hood, something he started doing whenever he was scared.

“Besides, we still need to buy you some thing, or you're gonna be bored silly.” added Flamegirl giggling slightly.

With a bit more persuading, Flamegirl was able to get Alpha out of the apartment. They were now walking down the streets and as usual received dirty looks from pretty much anyone they walked by. Flamegirl was of course, used to it, but Alpha was shaking like an earthquake. His eyes darted about as if looking for someone.

“Erm Alpha, I know you're scared but you're kinda cutting the circulation to mr arm.” said Flamegirl with a pained look on her face.

Alpha had been squeezing her arm as if it were his lifeline. He quickly let go, obviously realise how hard he was gripping it.

“I...I'm sorry!” he cried, looking more scared than ever.

Sensing a panic attack, Flamegirl quickly reassured him.

“No,no, it's fine. It's okay. No harm done.”

Alpha stared at Flamegirl for a moment then looked down at his feet.


After walking a bit more Flamegirl found a cafe which wasn't there before.

“It must've just opened.” said Flamegirl with a shrug then saw a sign at the window which made her heart leap.


“Finally! Someone with decency!” cried Flamegirl happily and went inside Alpha following close behind. A young waitress with blonde hair greeted them.

“Good afternoon. Please take a seat. I bring you your menus momentarily.”

Flamegirl found a place to sit. It took a little coaxing to Alpha to sit down too.  After a couple minutes the waitress returned with the menus.

“Here you go. Have a look through and see what you like.”

“Thank you.” said Flamegirl. “I thought I'd never meet someone as nice to hybrids as you.”

The waitress blushed slightly.

“Well the manager thinks that how you lot are ultimately treated is, in his words; utterly disgusting. I for one agree with him. You should be treated like any other human being. What's a few extra body parts?”

“Awwww, you're gonna make me cry if you're not careful.” laughed Flamegirl, trying to keep it together. “Can't be easy for business though.”

The waitress shrugged. “Not really, but haters are gonna hate right? So what do you two fancy?”

Flamegirl picked out a plate of blueberry pancakes with whipped cream and a large strawberry milkshake. The waitress tried asking Alpha what he wanted but he just hid his head under his hood.

“Just get him the same as me.” said Flamegirl with a small smile.

The waitress nodded and wrote on her notepad.

“Okie dokie.”

Soon enough Alpha and Flamegirl each had a generous plate of blueberry pancakes and a glass of strawberry milkshake each. Alpha ate all his pancakes and drank half of his milkshake. Flamegirl was impressed. This was actually the first time he cleared his plate. After the meal Flamegirl went up to the counter to pay while Alpha stayed at the table.

“No offence, but your friend seems really shy.” the waitress pointed out as she accepted the money and put it in the cash register.

Flamegirl sighed sadly.

“I'm afraid he's been through a lot. I'd rather not talk about it.”

“That's fine.” said the waitress. “None of my business anyhow. Just know that you and...Alpha are welcome here anytime.”

Flamegirl smiled.

“We appreciate that, thank you.”

Now Flamegirl and Alpha were walking down town a bit more. There were plenty of clothes shops, music shops and more cafes but they had made it very clear that hybrids were not welcome. Flamegirl knew that if they were going to buy anything, they would have to go to the next town. Flamegirl usually just walked of course but she wasn't sure if Alpha would be able to make the journey. They were gonna have to take the bus. After the last incident she was a bit nervous, but she couldn't let it show because that would make Alpha nervous and he was already as terrified as it is.

“Alpha, we are going to need to take the bus now. Will you be okay with that?”

Alpha looked a little shaky at the idea.

“I...I don't know.”

“How about we give it a try?” suggested Flamegirl. “If you really don't like it I promise we'll get off okay?”

Alpha seemed to be mulling over for a second then nodded.


So Alpha and Flamegirl went to the nearest bus stop. And sat on the bench.

“You promise?” asked Alpha looking at Flamegirl, nervousness clear in his eyes. Flamegirl just smiled and held his hand.

“I promise.”

After a few minutes the bus came and stopped in front of them. Flamegirl hesitated at first but when Alpha gave her a concerned look she shook off her fear and stepped onto the bus. After paying for both tickets she took Alpha who was getting a really nasty stare from the bus driver and they sat right at the back. This way if they were going be more flying produce, she'll know about it. The bus moved on making Alpha jolt slightly as he suddenly gripped Flamegirl's hand. She gladly accepted it and squeezed back. Alpha probably didn't know this but holding his hand was actually a huge comfort for her.

“It's probably been awhile since you've last been on a bus huh?” she said trying to keep her voice steady.

Alpha gave a small nod. “Y...yeah.”

Flamegirl smiled then looked out the window. She watched the other passengers in her peripheral vision. She could feel their glares on them and for the first time in years she felt uncomfortable.

“Err...are you okay?”

Flamegirl jumped, she hadn't expected Alpha to speak first. “ were shaking.”

“I...I'm fine Alpha. Don't worry about me.” she said giving him her sweetest smile.

She went back to looking out thee window. Trying to keep the memories of her last bus trip out of her head.

I can't wait 'til this is all over. She thought to her self.

An Angel's Tears Part 5
Took me long enough huh? Well here's Chapter 5! Lots of Fluff to be had here!

Mature Content

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And I present to you, chapter 4!

I do NOT own TOME or it's characters!

Alpha hugged his legs tightly. He was sitting in the corner of an old dusty small room. The floor was made out of concrete and wasn't very comfortable at all. The walls were made of stone and there were no windows, just an old air vent. The room was almost completely empty. The was a small bathroom which consisted of nothing but a toilet and a wash basin. Other than that there was literally nothing in here. The door was always locked, keeping him from getting out. Alpha couldn't remember the last time he left this room. In fact he was sure that he had never left this room since he was tossed in there, god knows how long ago. He had long since stopped keeping track. Alpha pulled his legs closer to his body, shivering. summer was just about done which meant cold weather was on the way. There was no heating in his prison, so winter was unbearable. Alpha wasn't looking forward to it one bit. Then he heard the lock on the door start to jiggle, which only meant one thing.

Oh no... he thought hopelessly. He had long since learned it was pointless to hide, so he just stayed in the corner, pressing himself against the wall as tightly as he could. The door opened and a tall middle-aged man came in. He was holding something Alpha had grown to fear. An old leather belt with nails hammered into it. The blood stains on the belt showed that it had seen a lot of use.

“So, how is our little freak pet today?” he asked cruelly.

Alpha didn't answer.

“I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!!!!” he bellowed whipping the belt on the concrete floor creating a loud cracking noise that made Alpha jump. “AND I EXPECT AN ANSWER!!!!”

“I......I....I'm....o....okay.” Alpha whimpered.

The let out a cruel laugh.

“I see, you're okay huh? Well, we don't want that.” he walked closer to the now terrified hybrid. “Freaks like you don't deserve to feel even “okay” looks like I'll have to fix that.”

Alarms bells rang in Alpha's head as he tried to shuffle away from the looming threat.

“But.....I......I......I.....didn'!” he cried, knowing all to well what was gonna happen next and was dreading it. The man swiftly grabbed Alpha's arm.

“Do I look like I care?” he asked dangerously. He lifted up the spikey belt.

“'t.....” whimpered Alpha, but the man didn't listen and lashed the belt on to his bare arm.

                                                             - - - - - - - - -


Alpha had bolted up and was now sitting on a mattress in what was clearly not the old empty basement room he had grown so accustomed to. He was trying to calm his heavy breathing when he  heard quick footsteps heading towards the room he was in.

“Alpha, you okay?” asked Flamegirl as she came into the room. Another bad dream?”

Alpha hugged his knees staring at the girl in front of him. Then he began to remember the recent events. He wasn't in that horrible room anymore. He had escaped. Then this girl found him and bought him home. At first, Alpha didn't dare to believe that she was doing this out of kindness. He thought maybe those guys had asked her to find him and bring him back. However, the more she reassured him, the more he started to think that maybe, just maybe, this was real. He wasn't about to let his guard down yet though. It still felt too good to be true. Alpha stared down at his socks, then remembered that he was now wearing new clothes, which still felt foreign on his skin. He recalled that he had fallen asleep in Flamegirl's arms after his...”breakdown”. Flamegirl walked up him and knelt down.

“Well it's over now” she said with a smile. “I just finished making supper. Think you'll be up for trying some soup?”

Alpha was confused. The best he ever got to eat were bread rolls, and  they were really stale and sometimes even mouldy, and his captors would always force him to eat every.single.bite. Stopping for even a second meant a lashing. Not wanting to risk that, Alpha stood up and followed Flamegirl out of the room, flinching with every step. Maybe tying those bits of wood to his feet with rope wasn't such a bright move.

Alpha sat at the kitchen table as Flamegirl put a  bowl of tomato soup in front of him.

“See how you do with that, and if you want seconds just let me know.” she said with a smile. Alpha stared at the soup, unsure of how to eat it, it's been years since he had something that he couldn't eat with his hands. He decided to subtlely watch Flamegirl and did as she did. The soup tasted like nothing he had in a long time. It was soooo good. He managed to eat about half of it before his stomach said no more. He was afraid Flamegirl would be upset but she just smiled.

“It's alright, you don't have to eat all of it.” she reassured, taking the bowl so she could wash up. “This is probably gonna take some getting used to huh?”

Alpha looked down at the table, managing a small nod. That had to be the biggest understatement of the century. For years now, all he'd known was misery. Since he was captured, he had never gone so long without getting a new scar to add to his collection. Alpha looked around the kitchen and noticed something was a little off. He didn't want to risk asking, but curiosity got the better of him.

“Wh......where's the.....other one?” he asked in barely a whisper.

Flamegirl turned to him looking surprised. She obviously hadn't expected him to say anything. Then she smiled.

“Oh, you mean Kirb? He's gone back home. He said he'll be back tomorrow though.” She put the bowls on the drying rack. “Hey how about some hot chocolate?”

“O....okay” he said quickly.

Hot chocolate? Wow how long has it been since he had one of those. He loved hot chocolate back before his life went to hell. It wasn't long before Flamegirl had made them both mugs of hot chocolate and handed one to Alpha.

“Careful, it's hot.” she warned. Alpha gingerly too the mug. He blew of the liquid and took a sip. Wow, he had forgotten how good chocolate tasted. He couldn't help himself, he started to literally guzzle his drink. He got a little too excited and the slipped out of his hands and landed on the table with a clank, the contents spilling everywhere. Alpha immediately jumped out of his seat and backed away in panic. Flamegirl watched him looking confused.

“You okay?”

Alpha back him self against the wall in the corner of the kitchen, now in full panic mode.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry.” he whimpered.

Flamegirl stood up and walked towards him. Alpha slid down the wall onto his backside and tried to push his self further into the corner.

“Hey, it's okay, don't worry about it.” she reasurred reaching her hand out to touch his shoulder.

“NOOOOOO!!” Alpha screamed smacking the hand away and curled him up tighter into the corner, covering his head with his hands, he squeezed his eyes shut.

“I'M SORRY!!!! I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!!! JUST, PLEASE......don't...” he couldn't finish and was now only able to whimper. He flinched when he felt a hand touch his shoulder and braced himself for the pain, but it didn't come. Instead the hand rubbed his shoulder comfortingly.

“Shhhhh, it's fine. Don't fret about it. It's just some spilt hot chocolate. It's not the end of the world.”

Alpha slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Flamegirl. She was giving him a very sweet smile.

“I can make you some more if you want.”

Alpha was floored. She wasn't gonna punish him? At all? Not daring to ask about her motives, Alpha nodded. He stood up and sat back on his seat still shaking slightly. After Flamegirl cleared up the table, she made Alpha a new mug of hot chocolate.

“Try to go a little easier on this one okay?” she said with amusment.

Alpha took the hot chocolate and much more carefully this time, started drinking it.

Later, Alpha and Flamegirl were sitting in the living room. Flamegirl had pulled out a board game. Snakes and Ladders, nice and easy. It was the perfect way to unwind after a tiring day. Once Flamegirl reintroduced Alpha to the rules, he got pretty into the game and even won. Alpha let out a huge yawn. Despite his nap earlier, he was now very sleepy. He was ready to curl up and fall asleep right there, but Flamegirl helped him up and guided him back to the spare room. Alpha was too tired to put up any resistance and he found him self falling asleep as soon as he was on the mattress.
An Angel's Tears Part 4
Chapter 4. Sorry it's so short and ended quite abruptly, but writer's block struck. :p Got some nice AlphaxFlamey fluff though. Turned maturity filter on just to be safe. (It's really not too bad though.)


Journal Entry: Sun Oct 25, 2015, 2:38 PM
Sorry, I did something incredibly stupid today and I just need to vent. A few days ago I bought a 3DS XL (second hand mind.) and decided to system transfer my stuff from my standard New 3DS. I thought It would work the same way as when I transferred everything from my "old"3DS which went off without a hitch. But apparently this time round it didn't transfer my save data. So even though I was able to re download my digital games. The save files have been wiped! My Pokemon Art Academy drawings and DLC GONE!!! :'( (I'm so bummed I couldn't bring myself to redownload the game. Luckily I only purchase digital copys if I ABSOLUTELY have to. So the only other major loss was my save file for Ace Attorney Duel Destinies. (Which means I lost the extra episode too. CRUD!) Oh well, "Live and Learn." I'll be sure to be EXTRA careful next time.

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