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An Angel's Tears: A TOME AU.
Status: Ongoing (in fanfic form. Sorry comic viewers.)
interested in TOME? Then check out :iconkirbopher15: 's page. Also check out his YouTube channel for the awesome Web Series.


Because of You Page 8 by Shining-Aura
Because of You Page 8
Didn't think you'd be seeing this again did ya. XD

This was actually done for awhile just kept forgetting to post it ^^;
Just don't ask when the next page will be up. I have no clue! Although Super Mystery Dungeon is coming to Europe in a couple weeks, so who knows, I might get a little motivation to finish this comic. (Or at least try writing the fanfic version again.)

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Feels so good to see these sweethearts again! :')
Spot of Trouble by Shining-Aura
Spot of Trouble
Looks like a certain pixie needs a little bit of help.

TOME and it's characters belong to :iconkirbopher15:
Sad Pixie by Shining-Aura
Sad Pixie
This is what happens when I listen to Tears After the Cloudy Weather on a continuous loop! :P

TOME and it's characters belong to :iconkirbopher15:
Pixie Alpha by Shining-Aura
Pixie Alpha
Don't ask how this happened. I just thought it was cute. Sorry I can't draw flowers.

TOME and it's characters belong to: :iconkirbopher15:
Chapter Seven

I do not own TOME or it's characters.

It's been a few days and Alpha still couldn't believe that he now had his own room. He now had a space to call his own that wasn't a dirty wash room. Alpha hadn't felt this happy in years! He never felt so free, so why was he still feeling so confused?

He was now sitting in front of the TV, barley paying attention to the movie that was on, when there was a knock on the door. Flamegirl was in the kitchen at the time so she opened it.

“You know, I should really consider getting you your own key.” she joked as Kirbopher came in.

“Well start saving now, because they charge hybrids extra.” muttered the half imp. He then gave Alpha a wave.

“Hey, dude. How you doing?”

Alpha waved back.

“I'm okay.”

“So anyway,” continued Kirbopher. “I was bored so I wondered if maybe the three of us could go to the park today. Just to hang out, you know.”

“I don't mind as long as Alpha's up for it.” said Flamegirl.

Alpha thought for a moment and nodded. “Okay”

It wasn't long before the three of them were sitting on the park bench talking about this and that. Well Kirbopher and Flamegirl were. Alpha pretty much just sat there and gave a quick response whenever one of them asked him something. He glanced around the park. There was lots of grass and flowerbeds. There was also a twisty path and a children's play area. Alpha smiled remembering fondly that his mother would take him to a play area everyday after school. He enjoyed it even though none of the kids would play with him, for obvious reasons. The swings were always his favourite.

Alpha jumped when he felt something hit his feet. He looked down and saw a football. A couple of feet away was a boy that looked around the age of six. He stared at Alpha, looking rather sheepish. Alpha couldn't help smiling, then as if his body was on auto-pilot he stood up and gently kicked the football back to the kid. The boy beamed and kicked the ball back. This went back and forth for awhile and Alpha was quite enjoying this little game, but it was too good to last. Alpha suddenly heard a shriek and then found himself on the ground with a very sore cheek.

“Stay away from my boy, you disgusting creature!!!” yelled a woman who then shooed her child away. “Come on sweetie, we don't associate with their kind.”

Alpha hugged his legs and buried his face letting out a muffled sob. He then felt a hand touch his shoulder.

“Are you okay?” asked Flamegirl sounding almost frantic. Alpha looked up to see Flamegirl kneeling next to him looking distraught and Kirbopher looked downright furious.

“I swear, if there wasn't a small child present...” he growled glaring in the direction the woman went.

“Forget it Kirb.” sighed Flamegirl. “It would only make us look worse.”

“Is everyone okay over here?”

Alpha turned to see two people walk up. He recognised one of them as the waitress from the cafe, he and Flamegirl went to. The other person was an older man he hadn't seen before. Kirbopher was suddenly by Alpha's side keeping a protective arm in front of him.

“Everything is fine, so you can stop gawking.” he said coldly.

“Kirb, don't be rude!” cried Flamegirl. “Besides I know her....sort of.”

Heather gave Flamegirl a sad smile.

“We saw the whole thing.” She looked down at Alpha “You okay?”

Alpha still felt nervous around her, especially since she was with someone he didn't know, but managed a small nod.

“I agree with the little guy.” said the man. “What that woman did was totally uncalled for! The red head wasn't doing any harm! She is teaching that poor child a terrible lesson! If I knew her address I'd be going straight to her house and giving her a piece of my mind! Don't think I won't! Why when I was a tyke....”

“Dad you're ranting again.” said Heather with amusement.

Her dad cleared his throat. “Sorry, Pumpkin, but they just make me so angry.”

Alpha, with the help of Flamegirl got to his feet. He was sure he heard Kirbopher mutter: “I'm not little.”

Then everyone saw a group of teenagers nearby. They were whispering but Alpha heard them clearly.

“Did you see that? She went like wham on that freak.”

“Serves it right .”

“I actually managed to get that on video. It's so going on YouTube.”

Suddenly Heather's father bellowed at them.


Alpha shrunk at such a loud noise, but it did the job as the teenagers had bolted away like frightened rabbits.

“Okay, I officially like this guy.” said Kirbopher looking impressed.

The father cleared his throat again.

“Sorry, lost my cool there. Maybe we should make ourselves scarce for now. Let's go to our cafe, lunch is on me. We had closed early today since it was quiet, but what the heck. The name's Brad by the way.”

“Never thought I'd get the chance to say this, but pleasure to meet you.” said Flamegirl. “I'm Stephanie. Flamegirl or Flamey according to this one.” she added gesturing to Kirbopher.

“Ahhh, you know you love it.” teased the imp. “Just call me Kirbopher. S'like Christopher 'cept curvier.”

Heather giggled.

Brad turned to Alpha. “How about you, little man?”

Alpha immediately hid his face under his hood. He couldn't help it. Strangers just scared him. He could hear Flamegirl apologizing and introducing them for him.”

“Oh, you don't have to scared of me tyke.” said Brad. “I don't bite.....much. Heh.”

Not feeling at all comforted, Alpha kept his face hidden.

“Not much of a talker is he?” Brad whispered to his daughter.

“He's had a tough life apparently.” Heather whispered back sadly.

                                           - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - -

After a hearty meal at the cafe, Alpha, Flamegirl and Kirbopher had returned to Flamegirl's apartment. Alpha sat on the sofa feeling miserable and all the more confused than he was this morning. After the incident in the park, Kirbopher ad Flamegirl stayed by his side the whole time. Kirbopher even gave anyone who came close a warning glare. Once they were at the cafe, Flamegirl gave him some ice for his face. Then everyone just talked over a plate of spaghetti, but again Alpha was mostly quiet.

“Everything okay?”

Alpha looked up to see Flamegirl and Kirbopher's eyes on him looking concerned. He nodded.


“You sure?” asked Flamegirl. “You seem so down.”

“I'm fine.” said Alpha looking at his feet. His mind was now going about a mile a minute. Did he want to tell Flamegirl what he was thinking? Would it upset her? He wasn't sure if he wanted to take the risk.

“Hey, we all know, that outing could've gone way better.” said Kirbopher. “But try not to let it bother you too much okay? We don't. Then again we're kinda used to it.”
This was becoming too much. Alpha couldn't keep this question that was burning inside of him quiet any longer. He quickly looked up and cried,

“Why are you being so nice to me?!”

Flamegirl was obviously taken aback by this sudden question. She stared at Alpha like he had just grown another head. Kirbopher stared at Alpha looking almost hurt at such a question.

“I....I don't get it.” he whimpered. “No one was ever nice to me. Only my mum showed me any real kindness.” Alpha felt his heart ache at mentioning his mother.

“Everyone else would point at me and glare at me. I would get called a monster, a crime against nature, a....a freak.” Alpha subconsciously rubbed his stomach where some particularly nasty scars hid.  His vision began to blur from the tears. “You heard that mother! She said I was disgusting! I'm just a winged freak!”

“That lady don't know squat!!!!”

Both Alpha and Flamegirl jumped at Kirbopher's outburst. The half imp was now on his feet and glaring at poor Alpha who wanted to just hide under the sofa and never come out.

“Now listen here.” growled the half imp. “Never EVER believe a word those people say about you! You hear?! Sure you're a hybrid, you have wings when the majority of humans don't, but that shouldn't make you a freak, and calling yourself a freak is like calling us freaks too! Don't forget dude we're hybrids too. We're on the same boat as you! Don't you know how lucky you are to have had a mother who actually cared about you!? My mother just up and left me at the hospital hours after I was born! My family just carted me of to the nearest orphanage, just so they could get rid of me!”

Kirbopher was visibly shaking now.” “I know this is true because one night I snuck into the matron's office and looked through my file. They didn't even wait to fill in any paperwork. They just left me on the doorstep and went on their way. Couldn't even make sure that I was at least safely inside the building.” Kirbopher sighed and sat down next to Alpha. “You're not the only one who has it rough, let me tell ya.”

Silence now filled the room. Flamegirl just sat there with a shocked expression on her face. She clearly knew nothing about this. Alpha felt terrible for the half imp. He couldn't imagine being abandoned by someone who was supposed to take care of him. He looked up at Kirbopher.

“I'm sorry.” he said sadly.

Kirbopher sighed and placed a hand on Alpha's shoulder.

“No, I'M sorry. I was being a bit too harsh.”

“No...not that.” said Alpha. “I mean....I am sorry for that, but I meant about your family.”

Kirbopher Gave Alpha a sad smile. “Like I said, I don't let it bother me. If they didn't want's their loss. It's not like I was lonely anyway. Flamey was in the same orphanage as me.”

Flamegirl nodded.

“That's right.” She said sadly. I'm afraid my mother bailed out too. My grandma took care of me, but she passed away when I was six. No one would take me so It was off to the orphanage.”

Alpha looked at his feet sadly.


Flamegirl placed a hand on Alpha's shoulder.

“We're being nice because it's the right thing to do. I don't know what went on before....I found you, but know that you're safe here okay? No one is gonna hurt you anymore. You're not a monster or a crime against nature, and you are most certainly not a freak. You are a kind-hearted and wonderful person. Never forget that okay?”

Alpha felt tears run down his face as he nodded.

“I won't. I promise.”

Flamegirl smiled then pulled Alpha into a hug which he gladly accepted, but then he felt her hand brush against one of his wings. He screamed and pushed himself away from the female hybrid, falling off the sofa. He sat on the floor rubbing his sore elbow and breathing heavily.

“Are you alright?!” cried Flamegirl as she knelt next to him.

“Jesus, where did that come from?!” cried Kirbopher.

Alpha looked down at his feet and shook with fright.

“I....I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.” he whimpered.

“It's fine,” assured Flamegirl. “but what happened?”

Alpha glanced back at his white wings, unsure of how to explain this. Luckily Flamegirl and Kirbopher seemed to have figured it out on their own.

“Ohhhh.” said Flamegirl in an understanding tone. “Sorry about that. I'll be careful not to touch them again in future okay?”

Alpha sighed with relief and nodded.

“Okay, glad we got that cleared up at least.” said Kirbopher. “So no more doubting yourself, right?”

Alpha nodded.


After a little while Kirbopher headed home, and Alpha and Flamegirl were sitting in the kitchen eating some ham sandwiches.

“Feeling a bit better now?” asked Flamegirl.

“Alpha gave a small smile and nodded.


He was a little surprised by this, but he really did feel better now that he got that off his chest. He actually felt like he could talk to Flamegirl and Kirbopher. They were all hybrids, so they were in this together.

“I'm glad.” said Flamegirl. Don't worry about what that woman said okay? Just focus on the people who care about you.”

Alpha nodded.


Alpha looked down at his sandwich and smiled. It's been a long while since he had someone who cared about him. Now he has two! Four if you count Brad and Heather. Maybe.....just maybe, he can finally have a new start.

An Angel's Tears Chapter Seven
Finally got this up! Sorry if it's a bit on the boring side, but there are plenty of feels here.

Tome and it's characters belong to :iconkirbopher15:


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 25, 2015, 10:48 AM
Christmas time again! Here are my spoils:

Fullmetal Alchemist manga and DVD (brotherhood)
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Sword Art Online: Lost Song (PS4)
Adventure Time Watch
Pokemon badges
Disney pjs
Fairy Tail Collection 2
Pokemon Slipper socks
Looney tunes socks
a new wallet/purse
Waterstones giftcard


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